What do I need to start dropshipping from Amazon, Walmar, Heyneedle or other sites to eBay? Where to start at all? I will give you few tips!

  • Firstly, you need to be 18 years old. You will need to show up some bills to prove your address for Paypal, Revolut and maybe some other sites. Of course, it is still posible to use your parents IDs and make an extra income on their name, but it is not advisable.
  • Secondly, you need time. Every single day! I would say, that 1 hour a day is enough. If you want to be successful in this business, you will definitely need to put the effort in.
  • Thirdly, you need to have some English language skills. Just a basic, so you can communicate with customers, ebay and amazon. That is why this site is in English. If you cant understand this – you are going to struggle hard.

If you have all these things, keep reading and start grinding!


Here is the list of software and sites you need to register in order to start dropshipping. Just set up the accounts, it is not going to take too much time, 1 hour max.

  1. Gmail. You need Gmail email, because most of the apps needed in future communicate with gmail, such as Trackerbot. I suggest making a new email anyway, because you will get a bunch of mails every day, trust me, you don’t wan’t your personal email be filled with all the messages from amazon and ebay. So, make a gmail email!
  2. Internet browser. You need Chrome browser, because it supports addons, which you will need for dropshipping. Download and set up Chrome internet browser!
  3. ebay account. This is the platform, where you will be listing the products you are selling. Great, if you already have an ebay account, morover if it has 100+ feedbacks. If you are already selling on ebay, that is even better. If you don’t have it, register and make an ebay account.
  4. Paypal account – this is the place, where money is going after people buy your stuff from ebay. Register in Paypal.
  5. Amazon account. This is the place where you will look for the products you are selling. Register, but don’t check in the option to use your prime account just jet, be patient. Just set up your account. Register in amazon.

Note! When registering, enter true and valid information! Use your real name, real address and data! Don’t use some fake names, that can lead to ban of your account! Trust me, if you are dealing with money, you will want to prove that you are the person owning the account, in order to withdraw the money, for example!

I have set up the software! Whats next?