Here I will list some useful dropshipping tips, which can help you to increase your sales. No specific order. No one really knows how ebays search system really works, but one thing is clear – as a buyers ourselves we know from which seller we are more likely to buy and why.

  • You have to have a high feedback score in order to attract buyers. High feedback score = higher chance that people will buy from you. Let’s see an example – the same product is selling for 19,99$ from a seller with 6 feedbacks and 20,99$ from a seller with 439 feedbacks. As most buyers, I would like to pay a bit more just to be more curtain that the item will actually arrive!
  • As a new seller it is not easy to get a lot of feedbacks fast – so in order to grow the feedback amount you have to actually make sales! A lot of them! Remember, not every buyer leave feedbacks, I would say only 25 – 30% of them actually leave feedbacks!
  • Eventually you will get a negative feedback as well. It it considered to do as much as you can to avoid a negative feedback. Lose money, pay extra or lick the customers ass, just try to avoid a negative feedback as long as you can or keep the amount of negative fbs to the minimum. If you get a lot of positive feedbacks, it will help to keep the sellers rating around 99% or 98%! Still legit!