So, because my main ebay account was flagged and couldn’t get more than 10 000 impressions per day, I decided to make a new ebay account. Per ebays rules it is allowed. And so I did it!

I made a new account and after few days listed my first item. The price was cheap and the items were bestsellers – based on my previous experience. I made quick 4 sales and it seemed great. I even reached 1000+ impressions with only 4 items listed! And than BAAAANG! My account was banned with no sensible response from ebay. I get this message when I log into my account:

I want to mention, that I was listing manually as well, no API or whatsoever connected to ebay account. I received a message from ebay, that all the other linked acocunts will be suspended as well. And after a week or so it happened! The other account seems okey, until you check the Overview in sellers hub.

After chatting with support – they do not explain why the new account was suspended in the first place. There is no appeal on it as well. If that account can not be restored, nor can the old account, because it is linked by my name, address, paypal email and IP as well. So, thank you for the journey!

Will try to get some stealth account anyway. Just to give it the last shot! 🙂