Recently a lot of dropshippers received a sellers notice – message from ebay:


We’ve determined that you haven’t followed our selling practices – drop shipping policy.

There is evidence on your account that you are purchasing items from an online retail or marketplace site after you sell the item on eBay and having that retailer ship the item directly to the customer. While in violation of this policy, the account will not be eligible for the Top Rated program until it is in compliance.

For more information on this and related policies, please go to:

Selling practices policy:

Drop shipping:

Seller levels and performance standards:


The eBay team

I though – okay, this is not a big deal, because I did not qualify for the top rated seller status anyway. I received the message July 09. But this is what happaned:

As you can see my listing impressions dropped BIG TIME! So, I don’t know if I will be able to keep my ebay hustle profitable at all. The only suggestion so far I got is to keep pushing and selling so eventually the situation would improve. An update will be published if any improvement is seen.