So, you finally have ebay, Amazon, Paypal accounts. Great! But what to do next? Well, you need to look for the first products to sell! To sell something, you will always need to overlook your listings, their price and are they actually available. You need a listing manager!

Listing manager tool

There are plenty of tools to use for your listing management. I personally use AutoDS platform. Once you have found a product, it is time to list it! But how to do that? For product database and listing, we will use another software, called AutoDS! You can try it for the first month for only 1$, so we will definately do this. First, we need to register autoDS account. We are using Chrome browser and we will take NonAPI AutoDS software tryout. This will require to download AutoDS addon. No problem, lets do it. Register here to AutoDS listing software!

Research tools:

To find the best selling products we will use a software called ZikAnalytics. It is not a free resource, you will have to pay for it. It is worth it, don’t worry! Why you need to use this tool?

  • Find profitable items to start selling on eBay
  • Rank your products higher than your competitors
  • Discover the best item categories and keywords
  • Spy on competitors, steal their listings!

This software in my opinion is a must have! Here is the video on competitor research on ebay:

Keyword tools for building a title

We want to keep our cost low, so will try to use something universal. In our niche the best universal tool in my opinion is Trackerbot. With this tool you can:

  • Search for trending keywords and improve your product title
  • Convert Amazon tracking numbers to BCE tracking numbers recognized by ebay
  • Send automated messages to buyers and in such case receive more feedbacks

Yes, you guest it! This is not free as well, but the good thing is that you can live without the Trackerbot in the beginning! Later on, when you start earning, I suggest to purchase the Trackerbot non-API version for 20$ a month. It will help you a lot!

Free tools to look for keywords:

Why do I put accent on keywords so much? Because using keywords people actually find your product on ebay! So, in your best wish is to have as much possible keywords in your product title as possible!

So, what else? We have found product, we have a software that will list the product on ebay. Is there something missing? Yes! Before you list, you must improve your listings title! How do people find products on ebay? Using search! So your job is to make sure, you put the right keywords into the title, so people can actually find your item!

Okay, you are all set and ready to go and list your first products and start selling!