The first article was how to open LLC in the USA.

In the end of that article I mentioned, that I will open a bank account using Transferwise. And I did it! It was easy, BUT I had to pay 31usd, so they would make one for me. As a dissapointment – I can not apply to the transferwise debet card yet, so I do not know, if this fits me.

I tried pyoneer first, but the biggest problem there – no customer support. I could not reach anyone in person, all the replies to me were from automated bots. Why I needed the customer support – because I can not link the US bank account they give by default to Paypal and I need to make one which is so called community federal bank account. If you can reach them – use this message to get the account you actualy can use:

Hey! I am an eBay seller and I would like to connect my Payoneer bank account
to my PayPal account. Only way to do that is with the community federal account. Can you please add a community federal bank account to my existing account, it will help a lot!

As I said, no answer from real person there..

Also I read about – and I filled all the paperwork there to obtain a bank account. Super easy process, they have virtual cards as well, so probably I will stick with them. Will have to choose between and How will I choose? I will use the one paypal will allow me to link a bank with. There is a lot of conflicting info about connecting transferwise to paypal. As far as I am reading, no problems with mercury tho.

Last thing – I live in Europe and PayPal business is not giving me an option to add a bank account outside of SEPPA countries. I sent them a message and will wait for answer, I hope they will fix this for me. If they do and I am able to link a bank to paypal, the last thing – I have to upgrade my ebay account to US business account. Thats it. Will update results later.