How much money can I make when dropshipping from Amazon to Ebay? That is a very common question. Based on this people usually decide – is it worth to start dropshipping?

For me it was curiosity and luck, that revealed this thing to me. My first goals was to find out, is this thing real at all. I still remember, that I was typing to my friend that 60$ per month would be fine in profit per month.

Well, as I am writing this post my profits were following:

December 2019: (-5 eur) Listed my first item in December 13.

End of January 2020: +190$, 80 sales

End of February 2020: +242$, 93 sales

End of March 2020: +120$ (this was a shitty month that pushed me to change the software)

End of April 2020: +550$.

As you can see, after few months in this kind of business you can hit 3 figures easy! I am quite sure, with the right attitude it is possible to crash the 4 figures as well!

Overall, I would say, if your ebay monthly sales are 5000$, roughly you make a 10% of this, so approximately 500$. Basically, your sales reflect your income.

Interested? Read this article to find out what do you need to start ebay dropshipping and make some extra money!

Note! The profits are raising, but there are some things to pay attention to: like in any business there will be ups and downs. This is nice extra money, but don’t take it personal, if you get better or worse months. If you feel that the amount of money earned is worth the time you spent on dropshipping, keep on doing this! Can you pay rent with this income? Well, looking at my example, you can definitely pay some bills!