As any business, a dropshipping also has its costs. My current expenses per month are approx 150$, so the first week of the month goes until I break even with the costs, afterwards I start to make profit. Just as in any business.


In the first month of dropshipping, you are in a good situation. I will try to summarize the costs for you:

AutoDS listing platform – 1$

Amazon Prime – Free (first month)

ebay store – (not needed in first month)

zikAnalytics – 25$

So, in the first month of dropshipping you must earn 26$ to break even. Depends on many conditions, but still, quite easy. And you will learn a lot.

Further, you want to use some more advanced tools, subscribe to ebay store and start using trackerbot. That will improve your appearance on ebay search results and overall sales. So, the costs in second/third month:

AutoDS listing platform – 8$

Amazon Prime – 13$ (first month)

ebay store – 27$

zikAnalytics – 25$

Trackerbot – 20$

Overall, approx 85$. Trust me, you can break even within a week and if the sales keep rolling in, you can make ~200$ profit already in your second month.