Congrats, if you have reached the 100 item limit in ebay! That is the way to go! Now, keep in mind, that the next time your limit is about to be increased is after a month! So we have approx 30 days and 90 listings to go! Next raise is usually from 100 to 250 items.

Strategy is simple – lets list 3 items per day and set the item quantity to 2 items. If we list everyday, we will hit our limits quite fast, so after we hit the limit – lets change the item quantity to each listing in ebay to one. Why we put quantity to 2 in the first place? Because after one sold item there will be a red text next to our item – Only 1 left – buy soon! It attracts the attention, doesn’t it? 🙂

So, we keep listing, try not to overexcite with the profit price – lets put some extra 1 – 5 dollars per item. Don’t list too expensive items – max 30 dollars per item in amazon. We don’t wan’t to get stuck and move around too much money just jet. We are still newbies. If your listings sell, you can make first profit and cover the dropshipping costs. I assume, you can make around 100 bucks per month now.

First Struggle

Yep, you may have your first customer issue. Most common customer questions are:

When will my item be shipped?

I have not received my item!

Your tracking number is not valid! You are a scam!

First negative feedback. First refund. First item out of stock in amazon. Wrong customers address. You have reached your buying limit in amazon for the item. The price has changed. Customer is just being a dick. Sh-It happens. Don’t worry, you will get over it. When you crush the 100 item limit and reach the 250 items, you are going to make more significant profits and then the sky is the limit. You will be the master of your own, able to teach people around you how to handle the dropshipping stuff. Stay awesome!