Congrats, you have set up your ebay and amazon accounts, have registered to and have an AutoDs listing tool. Now, it is time to start selling. As a new buyer (as most of us are), ebay is allowing us to list only 10 items, to prove ourselves.

Our goal is to show ebay, that we are here to stay, so we don’t rush – we list 2 or 3 items first day. We list 3 – 4 days in a row, until our listing limit is reached. Our goal is not to make any profit here – our goal is to make a SALE, better – few of them! So, we use Zik, find a product with a lot of sales in past 30 days, we check if we can sell it the same price or even sell the product with insignificant loss and we do list it. If the product is selling, we don’t need to improve the title too much. We just need to make a SALE!

Don’t try to put some profit higher than 50 cents or 2 bucks maximum. We need to sell something, so we can reach out to ebay and ask for our limit increase. Usually the next step is 100 listings. That is our goal! When we will be able to 100 items, we can make some first profit, trust me.

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It is important for ebay to see, that we are active, that is why we list every day, also listing selling items helps us to get more feedbacks, because we are actually selling. Having feedbacks is helping to rise our value in the eyes of customers and ebay as well. Regular sales is the main engine, which will help us to be visible in ebay search results. These are the 2 golden rules:

Be active and try to list everyday 2-3 items.

Be a seller, that not only exists, but actually sells – it helps to get feedbacks, improves your positioning in the eyes of customers and ebay system as well. I started with 6 feedbacks, when I crushed 100 feedbacks – the sales just started rolling in!

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Okay, back to it – after you have made a few sales, call ebay using Skype application (it is free) or chat with them. Eventually ebay is raising the limits automatically, but we don’t want to wait. We want to roll further and start the babystep #2!